The Destructionist International is an art-theory collective dedicated to the negative in all of its forms. It is driven by a shared inclination: a taste for the fury of destruction, away from the dull submission of situations to reasoned judgement. The group works across a variety of creative mediums (text, image, video, sound) and themes (militancy, sabotage, technology, liberation).

Direction and production: Thomas Dekeyser is a cultural geographer and filmmaker at the Centre for the GeoHumanities at Royal Holloway, University of London. He specialises in experimental films that dig into the complex politics of digital technologies, refusal, and militant histories.
Direction and production: Andrew Culp is a media theorist and maker at the California Institute of the Arts. His writing has been published in a dozen languages, including the books Dark Deleuze and A Guerrilla Guide to Refusal.
Sound production and voice-over: Dana Papachristou provided Machines in Flames with its unique moody sound composition and voice-over. She is a sound artist, multi-instrumentalist and musicologist, who (co-)founded Aesthate Research Centre and akoo-o, a collective active in walking, geo-location, sound, anthropology and media studies.